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A Chrome Extension to follow other users and watch any question on StackExchange sites


StackEye is a Chrome Extension which can be used to get notifications for new answers and comments on StackOverflow and other StackExchange sites. StackEye v2.0 also allow users to follow other users So that you never miss a great post from an excellent expert out here. StackEye can be installed from Chrome Store. It is open-source released with MIT License. Source code can be downloaded from StackEye GitHub repository.




Authors and Contributors

StackEye is developed by Sachin Jain (@blunderboy) with great contribution from Sachin Sebastian (@harrypotter7). Please feel free to drop an email to sachinjain024 [at] gmail [dot] com in case you want to discuss anything.

Found a bug

Please have a look at the opened issues on Github. If it is new, open a new issue and feel free to alarm the author or submit a pull request with the fix. I will be more than happy to merge it. You can also open an issue if you want to submit a request for new feature.


StackEye is released with MIT License.